Wild Tales by Director Damián Szifrón

This is a story about the return of the past, tragedy, deception, love and violence that is a part of our day to day lives. These situations make the characters to lose control and head towards the abyss. Damián Szifrón is the movie’s director: he is an Argentine screenwriter and director of television and film. This movie, Wild Tales, was released in 2014 to become the nation’s most successful film.

Wild Tales is among the best multi-story feature film, it has been nominated for this year’s Oscars for the best foreign language film. It is expected that the movie will become an instant hit in many countries due to its skill in overcoming the usual multi-story films deficit. The movie is cohesive, entertaining and relentlessly clever. The film’s success can be attributed to the brilliance of the director to reflect the same vision and sensibility. The director has remarkable skills in the art of storytelling and directing. The film has six stories of twenty minutes each, all of which are enthralling and united by black humour. The six stories are connected thematically by retribution and revenge, and each story creates expectations that are picked up, fulfilled or surpassed by the next one.

wild tales 1
Wild Tales is a fantastic collection of tales from the heart of Argentina. The movie is filled with cynicism and horror. In this film, some airline passengers discover that they have something in common, a guy named Pasternak. One woman finds out that someone has paid her plane ticket and after chatting with a fellow passenger, they both learn that they know a man named Pasternak. Another passenger claims that he was Pasternak’s professor, and he failed him. The plane is filled with individuals who know Mr. Pasternak and in one way or the other, failed him. This tale is my favourite in this film: it is interesting, scary and funny: could Mr. Pasternak be locked up in the cockpit?
Another story in this film is “The Rats”, this story is about revenge by a young woman who works at a roadside diner. One night, an old man walks in, and she immediately identifies him as the corrupt official who led her father to commit suicide. She is clearly disturbed after seeing this individual, but she is not inclined to do anything about it, but, her fellow cook suggests that she poisons him with rat poison.

The woman is caught in a dilemma because the rat poison is expired: she wonders whether it is more or less potent, betting on its efficiency and suffering exactly like a player having bet hundreds of dollars on a match with a sports betting bonus and waiting for the issue : winning or loosing everything ?

WILD TALES - 2015 FILM STILL - “Road To Hell” - Walter Donado as Mario - Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

The third story is “Road to Hell”, where a corporate guy in a sports car insults a pickup truck driver. The story gets interesting after the corporate guy looks in his rear view mirror to find the enraged pickup driver hot on his heels. The fourth story is “Bombita” featuring Ricardo Darin, who seeks justice for some parking woes. The fifth story is “The Deal” a cover up story after the occurrence of a bad incident and finally, “Till Death Do Us Part”, a story about a wedding, love, and heartbreak.
Wild tales is an impactful film with an artistic vision, elegant visual style, and confidence. It is filled with nastiness and is a must watch.