The best casino films ever

Gamblers, or let’s just call them “casino enthusiasts” love to sit down and watch a good gambling or casino based film. Casinos in movies are far from real ones: have you ever gone to a casino and sat next to a guy in a cowboy hat? The chance of such a scenario taking place is small, but these fancy characters and clichés make casino movies interesting.

Ocean’s Eleven

This film is a remake of a 1960s classic and is directed by Steven Soderbergh. Ocean’s Eleven has it all, and it is a slick film that is full of drama and comedy and is a real definition of a Steven Soderbergh movie. The film stars some of the big names in Hollywood namely George Clooney as Danny Ocean. Danny Ocean is straight out of prison and is seriously looking for a new job, and it’s not an eight to five job if you know what that means. He is best defined as a smooth operator with a dozen of investigations but was never charged. He gets in contact with his old partner in crime, Rusty Ryan, played by Brad Pitt, with a plot of stealing millions from three Las Vegas Casinos.

As the duo is going about their business, Rusty spots the owner of the Casinos, Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) with a lady that he knows. The lady is Tess Ocean, Danny Ocean’s ex-wife. They assemble a crew of Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, and Casey Affleck among others. Ocean’s Eleven is one of the most realistic casino movies ever having being recorded at the MGM Grand, Mirage, and the Bellagio. The targets seem impenetrable, as they should be, with the guards going about their work. This movie has long and well-established outlines and classic exchanges between the characters. The film is natural and progresses seamlessly into a finesse ending.

Casino Royale

This movie was released in the year 2006 and features Daniel Craig, James Bond, as a newly-promoted agent of the 00 section. Director Martin Campbell does an excellent job in this film by capturing all the elements that you can expect in a James Bond movie. There is the usual exciting stuff, location hoping and lavish and glamorous lifestyle. Casino Royale stays faithful to the adaptation of Fleming’s cynical, short and brilliant book.

Bond goes off the radar to stir the organisation of LeChiffre, a banker with connections to a ruthless terrorist agency. LeChiffre is an excellent poker player who gambles in a high-stakes poker tournament to pay back the terrorists, but Bond is doing all he can to stop him. The movie has intense action on and off the casino table and teaches us a valuable lesson: never trust anyone sited at a poker table, even if you can play for free with a friend’s chips or with a promo code.


This is a 1998 film that stars Clive Owen as Jack and is directed by Mike Hodge. The story in this movie is told from a dealer’s perspective to make this film one of the most unusual depictions of the casino world. In contrast to other casino movies, this story occurs far away from the gambling city of Las Vegas and is set in London. The film shows a cold and cruel gambling world to the audience: the lavish life of a high roller is far away.

Jack is a writer who does not believe in his own strengths and takes up a job as a croupier in a casino. He faces temptations at the casino table in the form of a woman and also from his alter ego Jake (his delusional self). The movie keeps you on the edge as you yearn to find out which part of Jack/Jake wins. The film feels slow but is not boring: it is an explicit depiction of how a desperate person thinks and handles himself: this movie shows the cold and sad world of gambling.