A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence – Director Roy Anderson

The plot of the film onsets with three monographs on death. In one of them, a young man has died in a cafeteria on board a cruise ship. Officers and other on-board members hover over him with concerned expressions on their faces. The server is worried, rather than concerned, about what to do with the bottle of beer and a plateful of shrimp since the dead man had already paid. At this point, a stout senior man shuffles forward and with a shrug, helps himself on the dead man’s beer. Read More

Me and earl and the dying girl – review

Me and earl and the dying girl is a tragicomic teen narrative whose mawkish tale is based on a geek that is on the verge of getting to know a person suffering from leukemia, and is eventually lifted by its unique offbeat tone. The Sundance-wowing indie takes the themes of Now Is Good and The Fault in Our Stars, sounding irksome and beyond words as Alfonso Gomez-Rejon likable film clearly confounds both prejudices and expectations. Adapted by Jesse Andrew from his best-selling novel, Young Adult, Me and earl and the dying girl  is a thrilling story of three young high school misfits who struggle to grow up as they face death in the middle-class Pittsburgh.

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Love and Mercy – Review

Bill Pohlad is no newbie in the film industry. He has been involved as a producer /executive producer for successful films which received wide acclaim and raving reviews. Films such as Brokeback Mountain, The Runaways, The Tree of Life, the award winning film 12 Years A Slave, have Bill Pohland’s footprint firmly stamped as a producer and executive producer. Love and Mercy is perhaps one of his most notable works as he is both director and producer. Read More

From mumblecore to mainstream: Andrew Bujaski’s ‘Results’ is a lighthearted and oddly charming rom com

Since inadvertently letting loose the term ‘mumblecore’ in an interview, American screenwriter and director Andrew Bujalaski has kept well within what eventually spawned a film sub-genre of the same name. He even went on to earn the title ‘Godfather of mumblecore’, to the credit of a series of films characterized by low profile actors, loose production methods and naturalistic dialogues. From his offbeat and enjoyable debut film ‘Funny Ha ha’ (2002) to ‘Computer Chess’ (2013), a zany period comedy set in the 80s, his work has made him an indie-film darling. Read More

Heaven Knows What directed by the Safdie brothers

Heaven Knows What is an American Drama movie that is directed by siblings Joshua Safdie and Ben Safdie. The film’s main actor is Arielle Holmes and it is based on her past experiences as a heroin addict who was homeless living in the New York City streets. It is a breathtaking film with thick tension although the plot is flat because hardly anything happens. Read More

Wild Tales by Director Damián Szifrón

This is a story about the return of the past, tragedy, deception, love and violence that is a part of our day to day lives. These situations make the characters to lose control and head towards the abyss. Damián Szifrón is the movie’s director: he is an Argentine screenwriter and director of television and film. This movie, Wild Tales, was released in 2014 to become the nation’s most successful film.

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