It Follows by Director David Robert Mitchell

It follows is an American horror movie that was released last year. This movie is directed by David Robert Mitchell, who is also the writer, starring Maika Monroe. The movie is filmed in Detroit, Michigan and the main plot involves a girl who is pursued by a supernatural being that was passed on to her after a sexual encounter with her boyfriend.

The film made its debut at the 2014 Cannes Festival to much success where it was bought by Radius TWC a subsidiary of the Weinstein Company for release and distribution in North America.
The movie is based on the 1980s genre of horror movies. The premise of “It Follows” is simple and takes you back to the pubescent fears that played a huge role in the 1980s horror films. The movie has a gang of beautiful and likeable teens, for example, there is a geeky teen, a pretty one and a hunky one, all stalked by unimaginable evil. The movie is brilliantly directed, and it has a brilliant atmosphere, a calm suburban setting and an edgy soundtrack that is perfect for a horror film.

This movie is unsettling, creepy and intelligent: this horror movie by David Robert Mitchell is the scariest film you will watch all year, possibly even next year. So, what follows? This is the scary question that will keep you on the edge for the majority of the film. The “It” is a demonic spirit that starts to haunt you after being “infected”, the infection occurs through sexual intercourse. In real life, this sounds bizarre but it plays better in the film’s context. After Jay Height (Maika Monroe) has sexual intercourse with her new boyfriend Hugh (Jack Weary), she learns that she has become the new target for this menacing, mysterious and evil spirit. What can she do to get the evil spirit off her back? She has to pass the curse to somebody else, through, sexual intercourse. But for now, she has to keep running for her life.

it follow 1
The director’s execution in this film is simplistic as the film’s main title and the sinister motive displayed by the paranormal antagonist. No matter where Jay goes, the evil spirit follows her. All this creature does is relentlessly pursuing the individual designated as the carrier with the passion and intensity to kill. The director’s most clever decision regarding this movie is the ability of the supernatural being to look like anyone: this gives it an advantage when pursuing teenagers. Also, the creature is only visible to the person with the curse. It chooses elderly and wounded bodies and at one point in the film, it appears as a seven-foot man with sunken eyes and pale skin, this is the creepiest part in the film. Another aspect that shows Mitchell’s brilliance is the excellent camera work that keeps the viewer looking at the background to see if it’s coming.
If you go deeper into the material of this movie, you might come to the conclusion that the creature is punishing young teenagers who are taking part in fornication. But one thing is for sure, the movie will unnerve you, and you will feel sorry for the innocent girl being pursued.