Deadpool Review

Directed by Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds as the lead actor, this action and adventure filled comedy lived up to the hype and then some.

By the time the film got released on the 10th of February 2016, the Deadpool marketing campaign managed to make this as famous as possible, definitely more famous than the actors we were all about to see on screen, and that includes Ryan Reynolds. What seemed like an eternity of trailers, promos, posters and what not, did not disappoint.


The plot is good and everything fits – a former Special Forces soldier works now as a hired mercenary, but for all the good reasons. He helps teenage girls by protecting them from stalkers and the likes. At one point, Vanessa Carlyle (Morena Baccarin), steps into the picture as they meet and fall in love at a local bar. Everything seems to be just perfect until a year later when Wade Wilson (also known as Deadpool) collapses, with further investigations showing that he has cancer.

From here on everything goes a bit dark, Wade tries to push Vanessa away, to stop her from getting hurt as his illness is getting worse. He is then approached by someone who offers him a cure in the form of an experimental project. Struggling to make a decision, he leaves Vanessa in the middle of the night and accepts to join this secret program.

He is then faced with the reality of the program which went beyond healing his cancer. Being tortured by Anged Dust (Gina Carano), Wade Wilson realises that this is a program designed to create super humans with the help of mutations. Being disfigured as a result of the experiment he is then faced with another challenge – that Vanessa will reject him – therefore leading him on a path of revenge against the people that did this to him.


With his newly acquired ability to heal from any wound and the self-appointed name of Deadpool he starts hunting down the ones responsible for destroying his life. As he comes to terms that he might need some help along the way, he persuades Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) to join him.  

As the movie ends with a very exciting battle, Deadpool is faced with the truth – there is no cure for his disfigurement. While Colossus tries to bring reason to the table, Deadpool still shoots Francis (Ed Skrein) ending the battle in a not-so-predictive manner. Although revengeful, the protagonist accepts his situation and reveals himself to Vanessa, who, although angry that she was made to think Wade was dead, is still very much in love with him and accepts him as who he is.

With all this in mind, the movie does a perfect job at keeping the audience laughing for the whole 108 minutes of it. A small surprise at the end lets us know that there’s going to be a second movie. And as we had hoped that this won’t disappoint, we are even more anxious for the next one. This was a movie that might change the superhero movies forever or create a whole new genre in itself. From the time of the first trailer until the end of the credits, the film checks all the boxes, making it a must-see even for those that are not a fan of the genre.