Dark Horse (2015) Movie Review

Horse racing is very popular in some parts of the world, namely the UK and even in the US. Horse racing was actually the only sport you could place bets on in the US for a long time, up until 2018.

Imagine being told that you will be doing some betting at the next Cheltenham, year after year. For the US horse racing lovers, that must have been a nightmare. Fast forward to 2015, and they had something to look forward to, namely the movie Dark Horse.

Dark Horse – A Short Synopsis

Dark Horse is a documentary, or rather a movie based on a real story. A couple of friends, working class people, decided to pledge their weekly salaries, to create a bankroll and purchase a horse. They ended up saving enough money by saving for a period of a year and they bought a mare for 600 pounds. Then they searched for a stallion with any kind of racing genes or racing history and bred themselves a future champion. They called the horse, a colt, Dream Alliance.

Dream Alliance needed a trainer, as it was an inexperienced horse. They opted to find an expensive trainer as they have an inexpensive colt which needs someone with knowledge. The colt ends up becoming the pride of the people who invested in it, bringing them happiness and joy, if not a ton of money.

Dark Horse – A Story of Warmth and Joy

Dark Horse is a story which easily shows you what achieving personal goals means for a person, or in this case, many persons. The people in this movie are the real heroes, or rather, the story which makes you relate to the people and their experiences. The working class people are often forgotten and there are few movies which tell their stories as well as Dark Horse.

Even though the movie and the story of the horse, Dream Alliance, starts off as a business proposal and venture, it quickly turns into a very personal story, once the owners fall in love with the animal. This is not really a rags to riches story, even though they do win races very often, but it is rather a personal story combined with the cultural background of the working class people. The story is turbulent and prone to change, just like Dream Alliance’s career.

A Tale of Sports and Emotions

While it has lots of drama, as such a movie needs to have, it is also ultimately a sports story. Even though there are a lot of emotions going back and forth, the story ultimately tells a tale of sports and cheering, losing and winning. It does well in that regard, capturing the essence of sports.

If you want a good documentary/drama on horse racing, Dark Horse from 2015 is the right movie for you. If you also want an emotional ride, it is also the right movie for you. Get to know the working class, determination and horses, in this lovely movie.