Mr. Right 2015: review

A very appropriate RomCom for this day and age, with just enough action to keep everyone entertained and plenty of witty jokes and comebacks: this is what Paco Cabezas did with this title and he should be very proud considering that this is his first major project.

With Martha McKay (Anna Kendrick) being the girl that always falls for the wrong guy, she one night meets Mr. Right/Francis (Sam Rockwell) (this reminds us a little bit of Love and Mercy, romance and drama everywhere). Only he’s not really the Mr. Right. everyone refers to. He is a professional hitman turned good, killing the people that hired him instead of the targets. And you can see how good a plot that is when you see the first fight scene.

Mr. Right

Martha is a very quirky character and Anna Kendrick does a very good job at being just that, and with the hint of madness from Sam Rockwell, you’ll know why they are such a good match and why they’ve made this film work on so many levels. Sparks lights the fire between them, and while you would think someone would fall for a criminal, he casually tells her jokes that are actually true. When she later realises that, she gets to terms easier and that makes sense in a way – it is a film after all. Francis did not make it easy for her, being a very charming yet scary individual, he wins her with his fun personality and weird sense of honesty.

Their chemistry just feels so real which is what makes their relationship make sense, even if she’s a frail soul that just broke up with her boyfriend and he’s a cold blooded killer. The action in the film is what makes it even more original and what gives it that upper hand over other RomComs. It’s just like Seven Psychopaths, but one that you can go on a first date without being weird or anything.

Mr. Right_scene

It is not a film to go to and expect anything close to reality, the thread of the story often does not make sense and some things are just plain wrong, but do go and watch it if you just want to see something funny and easy to relate to. Your boyfriend is probably not a killer and your girlfriend might not be OK if you were one, but there are plenty of things to choose from that you’ll be able to relate to.

If you’re a fan of Tim Roth, he plays Hopper/Reynolds, a former partner of Francis, hired to kill him. He, as well as all the others, does a great job at playing his character, which fits him perfectly. Another plus for Orly Sitowitz, the man behind the casting for this film, something that many overlook, but deserve some appreciation on this occasion.

There’s a hint to know if you’re going to like it as the man who wrote it, also did American Ultra, which somehow seems similar and absolutely different at the same time. You can actually see the style and putting that together with the casting and the pretty decent directing, you’ve got something really good to see on your night out with dinner and a film.