A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence – Director Roy Anderson

The plot of the film onsets with three monographs on death. In one of them, a young man has died in a cafeteria on board a cruise ship. Officers and other on-board members hover over him with concerned expressions on their faces. The server is worried, rather than concerned, about what to do with the bottle of beer and a plateful of shrimp since the dead man had already paid. At this point, a stout senior man shuffles forward and with a shrug, helps himself on the dead man’s beer. Read More

Me and earl and the dying girl – review

Me and earl and the dying girl is a tragicomic teen narrative whose mawkish tale is based on a geek that is on the verge of getting to know a person suffering from leukemia, and is eventually lifted by its unique offbeat tone. The Sundance-wowing indie takes the themes of Now Is Good and The Fault in Our Stars, sounding irksome and beyond words as Alfonso Gomez-Rejon likable film clearly confounds both prejudices and expectations. Adapted by Jesse Andrew from his best-selling novel, Young Adult, Me and earl and the dying girl  is a thrilling story of three young high school misfits who struggle to grow up as they face death in the middle-class Pittsburgh.

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Love and Mercy – Review

Bill Pohlad is no newbie in the film industry. He has been involved as a producer /executive producer for successful films which received wide acclaim and raving reviews. Films such as Brokeback Mountain, The Runaways, The Tree of Life, the award winning film 12 Years A Slave, have Bill Pohland’s footprint firmly stamped as a producer and executive producer. Love and Mercy is perhaps one of his most notable works as he is both director and producer. Read More

From mumblecore to mainstream: Andrew Bujaski’s ‘Results’ is a lighthearted and oddly charming rom com

Since inadvertently letting loose the term ‘mumblecore’ in an interview, American screenwriter and director Andrew Bujalaski has kept well within what eventually spawned a film sub-genre of the same name. He even went on to earn the title ‘Godfather of mumblecore’, to the credit of a series of films characterized by low profile actors, loose production methods and naturalistic dialogues. From his offbeat and enjoyable debut film ‘Funny Ha ha’ (2002) to ‘Computer Chess’ (2013), a zany period comedy set in the 80s, his work has made him an indie-film darling. Read More